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Canada is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country with the Population of about 31 million and the second largest country by land. There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada with capital city 'Ottawa'. Canada is asking for 300,000 Immigrants from around the World every year to fulfill its population and skilled labor gap. According the Government Statistics, 221,352 immigrants were entered to Canada in 2003 and 235,808 were in 2004. The Government has not yet fulfilled the annual immigration quotas from few years. Same as, in 2004, 36,410 Chinese, 25,568 Indians, 13,299 Philippines and 12,796 Pakistanis were immigrated to Canada. There are approximately 3,500 Nepalese immigrants in Canada. The major cities of Nepalese inhabitants are Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, etc.

Entering to Canada
People may enter to Canada in various ways other than immigrants. The ways are as follows:

1. Immigrant Visa - The persons, who are eligible for immigration to Canada under Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) of Canada, may able to obtain Immigrant Visa.
2. Work Permits - The qualified and skilled worker hired by the Canadian Company may apply for Work Permit in Canada. Such person may apply for permanent residence in Canada from inside Canada.
3. Study Permits - The students who are admitted at the Canadian Universities and Colleges may apply for Study Permits.
4. Visitor Visas - The Visitors for pleasure, business, attending seminar and conferences, etc. may enter to Canada as a Visitor.

Immigration to Canada
There is various ways of getting settled in Canada as a Permanent Resident. The ways are as follows:
1. Skilled Worker Category - Immigrants are selected under six factors - education, work experience, age, language proficiency, job offer and adaptability, in this category. Those who hold at least Bachelors Degree, four or more years of work experience, below 49 years and have good English/French language proficiency are likely to be eligible for migration under this category.

2. Business Category - The Investors who want to invest at least $ 400,000 in Canadian Companies, the Entrepreneurs able to establish business in Canada, and the self-employed persons like Artists, Athletes and Farmers may be able to immigrate under this Category.

3. Quebec Immigration - The Provincial Government of Quebec is responsible for selection of immigrants willing to settle in their province. The Provincial Government has its own rules and regulations to select immigrants. Such Immigrants must first get approval from the Quebec Immigration Office and go through medical and security clearance of Canadian Embassy or Visa Office to obtain Canadian PR Visa.

4. Provincial Nomination - Various provincial governments in Canada have their own criteria to select immigrants of particular types of skilled workers and businesspersons to settle at their provinces. The immigrants who are eligible under provincial rules may apply for Provincial Nominee Certificate at the Provincial Government Office, and then may get the Permanent Resident Visa from the Canadian Embassy or Visa Office.

5. Sponsorship - The Permanent Residents and Citizens in Canada may sponsor their spouse, dependent children, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, etc. to settle in Canada as permanent residents. The sponsored person and his/her family members may get permanent residence status in Canada if their sponsor sponsored them and such sponsorship is approved by the Canadian Government.

6. Refugees and Protected Persons - People who reach to Canada in various ways other than permanent residence status may apply for Refugee status in Canada. Canada is the signatory of "1951 Geneva Convention for status of Refugees and stateless persons" and so it is responsible for selecting refugees and settling them in their land. The Refugees may apply for refugee status in Canada or be sponsored for settlement from outside.




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